Flex4Fact Use Case visits in Italy, Germany, Spain and Norway

  Flex4Fact Visits Copyright: © CELSA Group

In October and November 2022, the visits to the production sites of the practice partners of the EU-funded research project FLEX4FACT took place. The visited use cases include five energy-intensive, producing industries that are distributed over Northern and Southern Europe and located in Italy, Germany, Spain and Norway. RWTH Aachen University was represented by Kai Derzsi for EBC and Sonja Herzogenrath for E3D.

Within the scope of the FLEX4FACT project, energy flexibility potentials of the industry sector are being identified and exploited. Therefore, production processes are being digitized and methods for planning local energy systems, demand side management and energy-oriented optimized production scheduling are being developed. The solutions will be integrated into a modular digital platform and demonstrated on the industrial use case sites of different company sizes, lines of business and geographical boundaries.

The project involves 23 partners from research and industry from four European countries.

The RWTH institutes E3D and EBC contribute to the analysis of synergies between production processes and building energy loads by modeling and simulating building energy systems in the industrial context.

We are looking forward to the constructive cooperation across borders.