Poster contribution: Use Case-based Applications of the Energy ADE

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Poster contribution to the joint conference "Digitalization - Sector Coupling - Flexibilization: Systemic Integration of Bioenergy & Other Renewable Energies in Buildings and Neighborhoods" of the BMWi research networks Bioenergie and Energiewendebauen: The Digital Conference of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy took place on November 24, 2020. The aim was to exchange knowledge in the field of energy transition in buildings and quarters and to transfer knowledge into practice. The focus was on how a systemic integration of bioenergy and other renewable energies can proceed. The E3D presented a poster titled "Use Case-based Applications of the Energy ADE - Requirements for a Scheme to integrate Utilities and Building Systems into the Energy ADE". There were 70 posters presented at the digital conference. In addition, there was a day-long program of workshops on the title topics to identify current needs for action in the area of building and systems engineering regulation with policy and scientific decision makers. Participants were Christian Behm, Avichal Malhotra, Maximilian Schildt as well as Sebastian Weck-Ponten. Together with Dr.-Ing. Jérôme Frisch and Univ.-Prof. Christoph van Treeck these are also the authors of the poster contribution. The contents are to be published in a Special Issue as a paper in the journal "Chemical Engineering Technology (CET)".

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• DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
• Projektträger Jülich

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