Kenngrößenbasiertes Gebäudemonitoring

  • Key-value approach for building monitoring

Lorz, Caroline Christine; van Treeck, Christoph Alban (Thesis advisor); Hoffmann, Sabine (Thesis advisor)

Aachen (2020)
Dissertation / PhD Thesis

Dissertation, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, 2020


The current research findings outline and demonstrate the importance of a systematic monitoring approach with regard to building-specific structures and to constraints, such as individual climate conditions or user-specific occupation (behaviour). Key values are therefore meant to be decisive parameters for the evaluation of buildings. This work provides evidence that the settings for the composition of the measurement devices, like the local positioning of sensors, data handling structures and data transport within the communication network are mandatory for data quality from measurement data. Therefore reliable data depends on clear objectives for the monitoring layout and on proper preparation from the early planning stage throughout the detailed design. The practical application and experience gained during the project phase emphasizes each the necessity of a conceptual and structured design approach for establishing building energy monitoring. The energy performance results of the analysed buildings highlight the complexity of the research field which equally demands engineering and data-handling knowledge besides energy standards or building types. Under these premises the outlined monitoring strategy pursues a project-neutral approach, based on general building balancing concepts and key-values, that defines building monitoring as a targeted view from a set of measurable and analysed state variables.