Bergen op Zoom - scientific event 2019

Bergen op Zoom Copyright: © e3D

In July 2019, the interdisciplinary event "Challenges in energy efficient design and operation of buildings and districts" took place in Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands. The event, which lasted several days, was organized by the Verein der Förderer der Forschung im Bereich Energieeffizientes Bauen e.V. (Association of Sponsors of Research in the Field of Energy-Efficient Building). The event was accompanied by lectures given by E3D staff members, who gave speeches on various aspects of energy-efficient construction in the context of the energy transition and the age of digitization. The contents of the talks were then discussed in depth and related to current research topics.Teambuilding events, such as an institute olympic event on the beach of Vlissingen, which provided the necessary balance in free time, formed an additional item on the agenda.The Institute would like to thank the Förderverein for the opportunity of this event.