Presentation at the 15. geothermal conference 2019

15. Geothermiekonferenz Copyright: © e3D

Sebastian Weck-Ponten gave a presentation on the project GeTIS (Geothermal Information System for the design, modelling, evaluation and approval of networked geothermal energy systems at building and urban district level) and its continuation at the 15th Geothermal Conference "NRW braucht Geothermie für die Nachkohlezeit" in Bochum. The event, organised by the EnergieAgentur.NRW, was attended by the Geological Service NRW, the LANUV, several specialist planners and many participants from licensing authorities and ministries. In addition to a positive response to the presentation, the aggregation of a lot of information in central portals such as the Geothermal Information System GeTIS by State Secretary Christoph Dammermann was highlighted as an important future goal in the opening speech.