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The Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building (E3D) consists of about 30 scientific and non-scientific staff members and about 20 student assistants. It belongs to the Faculty of Civil Engineering and combines different disciplines of engineering and natural sciences. This interdisciplinarity enables an approach from different perspectives and focusses on four subject areas:


- Energy in Buildings and Districts (EBD),

- Ergonomics of the Indoor Environment (EIE),

- Building Information Modelling (BIM),

- Building Physics (BP).


One focus is the modelling and simulation of building physics processes in the field of energy-efficient and sustainable construction and operation of buildings, technical facilities and districts, including life cycle cost analysis. IT-based methods in the areas of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geoinformation Systems (GIS), building performance simulation methods, the object-oriented simulation language Modelica and multi-physics simulation methods are applied and further refined. Furthermore, E3D is co-founder of the BIM Center Aachen, which addresses digitization in the building industry and has the goal to implement Building Information Modelling (BIM) under the scientific direction of Prof. van Treeck.

In the area of ergonomics and indoor environment, modelling and simulations of user behaviour and climate impact on humans with regard to thermal comfort serve as a basis for research. Thus, the Instiute conducts, among other things, studies of test persons in climate rooms. Work on thermal ergonomics related areas of vehicle air conditioning in the context of electromobility as well as interdisciplinary work on interactions with physiological, psychological and demographic aspects.

In addition, the Institute is involved in energetic monitoring projects. Together with Michael Wetter (LBNL, USA), Professor van Treeck leads the IBPSA Project 1 "BIM/GIS and Modelica Framework for building and community energy system design and operation". Through this and through the management of the previous IEA EBC Annex 60 project, a large number of international contacts exist which can be used to disseminate the project results.

The location of the E3D is the new Campus Melaten, within sight of the E.ON Energy Research Center, a close cooperation partner in several projects. In teaching, the institute offers about ten courses for students of civil engineering, environmental engineering and industrial engineering in the field of energy-efficient construction.


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