EnTex – Energy-active, textile-reinforced roof elements


Subproject: Development and dimensioning of energy-active textile-reinforced concrete roof elements

Project duration:

2011 to 2013

Project funding:

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Project partners:

  • Institute for Textile Technology (ITA), RWTH Aachen (coordination)
  • Institute of Structural Concrete (IMB), RWTH Aachen
  • Institute of Construction Business and Building Services (BGT), RWTH Aachen
  • Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building (E3D), RWTH Aachen
  • HWK Aachen
  • Durapact GmbH
  • LKT GmbH


Due to unfavorable thermal transmittance factors, roof systems of older buildings are characterized by considerable heat loss. As a possible means of improvement, the research project Entex focused on the development of highly insulated large-scale energy-active roof panels made of textile-reinforced concrete – and on in-situ testing on a test-rig. The sandwich structures developed in the scope of the project, which are made of textile-reinforced concrete and an insulating core, are characterized by U-values ​​of 0.15 W/Km² and a maximum cross-section of 170 mm. By integrating liquid-conducting capillary tubes into the textile reinforcement of the concrete layers, it is possible to generate energy that can be used for the extraction of ambient heat by means of a heat pump. By using high load-bearing light textile concrete, it is possible to employ large roof elements – thus saving material and costs during production and assembly.