Digital Planning Methods in Building Services Engineering

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The objective of the lecture “Digital Planning Methods in Building Services” is to provide a basic understanding of the planning and implementation of modern and digital design procedures in building services. Within the framework of total 14 lectures, the students will be taught the technical, organizational and legal aspects of the cooperative working methods of building information modeling with the emphasis on the technical building services. In addition to the internal expertise of the institute, various well-known experts from different field of practice will be giving a lecture. The concept of the event is completed with a student group effort to execute typical engineering tasks in the field of technical building equipment. Authoring tools such as Revit® or Linear are being utilized during the process.


Content of the lecture:

The following topics are presented within the course "Digital Planning Methods in Building Services Engineering ":

  • Basic principles of planning and implementation based on modern digital methods in building technology,
  • Foundations of Building Information Modeling (BIM),
  • Application of BIM in planning and design of technical building equipment
  • Dimensioning and interpretation of Building Services by computer-assisted processes

Learning Objectives:

Within the framework of the events, the following learning objectives are pursued:

  • Students acquire knowledge in the field of digital planning of building services
  • After completion of the course, students are able to plan and implement the building technology of a non-residential building using the methods of building information modeling.
  • The students can carry out the dimensioning and design of technical building equipment on the basis of the created digital model.


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