Building Physics

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The course of lectures on Building Physics provides an overview of the physical influences on a building. The section “thermal insulation” focuses on the basics of heat transfer, the creation of energy balances and the unsteady/transient building behavior. “Moisture protection” will take a closer look at hygrothermal influences on a building – in particular condensation and mold growth inside a building as well hygrothermal transport processes through components. The third section focuses on acoustic aspects, such as the rooms’ acoustic quality, soundproofing from the outside, as well as the question how users are affected by noise. Finally, the course of lectures will briefly address the aspects of fire protection, lighting, and urban physics.


Content of the lecture:

The following topics are presented within the course "Building Physics":

  • Fundamentals of indoor climate and its impact on humans
  • Fundamentals of heat and mass transfer as well as moisture assessment
  • Fundamentals of room acoustics and sound insulation
  • Fundamentals of basic lighting concepts and practical lighting requirements
  • Fire protection and classification of building materials and components

Learning Objectives:

After participating in the module, the students understand and calculate building physics phenomena in the areas of heat, humidity, daylight, fire protection and sound. Furthermore, building physics requirements are mastered and thus simple problems can be identified and solved. Students acquire knowledge of relevant normative regulations.


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