Completed Projects


Over the years, many research projects have been implemented together with partners from industry and academia. A selection of projects carried out and completed at the institute can be found in the following list.

AquaVip@RWTH: Practical and theoretical implementation of research topics at the hardware-in-the-loop test bench
AWT – Optimization of waste water heat exchangers in the scope of building technology
BF2016 – Scientific Evaluation of the Research Area "Energie in Gebäuden und Quartieren"
BIM2SIM – Development of methods for the generation of simulation models using Building Information Modeling data
Body-Near Climate Control Systems and Thermal Ergonomics
BTGA Workshop "BIM" – Planning and implementation of a workshop on the use of BIM in the field of building services; publication of the discussion results
Climate Control for Electric Cars
Control Strategies for Efficient Use of Heat Pumps in Non-residential Buildings
DataFEE – Data mining, machine learning, feedback and feedforward – Energy efficiency through needs-based building systems
DAW – Decentralized heat recovery from domestic waste water and decentralized wastewater heat recovery to increase energy efficiency in buildings
DTWW – Energy-efficient hot water generation through decentralized heat pump systems
E-Komfort – Thermal comfort in innovative climate control and thermal comfort concepts aiming to optimize the range of electric vehicles
Eneff-BIM – Planning, design and operation optimization of energy-efficient building projects and existing buildings through modeling and simulation-based building information models
EnEff-Campus – RoadMap RWTH Aachen University
EnEff-Campus Living Roadmap – Development of an energy supply concept with model-based predictive control based on a Living Roadmap by the example of the research center Jülich
EnEff-Campus Roadmap – Reduction of the user-area-related primary energy consumption of the RWTH Aachen campus by 50% by 2025
Eneff-ThermControl – Energy-efficient and automated climate control of electric vehicles using innovative sensors to define thermal comfort as a novel control variable
Energy design of the Ginnheim headquarters as scenario-based guiding concept for the new buildings and renovation of the main building
Engineering-based generic modeling of occupant behavior for energy efficient buildings
EnTex – Energy-active, textile-reinforced roof elements
EPA Neu-Ulm – ‘Effizienzhaus Plus im Altbau’ – plus energy standard for retroffited buildings: Realization of Energy Monitoring Concepts for two Residential Buildings in Neu-Ulm
Exploratory Research Space: Speed-Fund Project "Permeable Facades" - Bionic components for buildings: permeable facades
Exploratory Research Space: Strategy Workshop on Building Energy Technology with Prof. Tanabe (Japan)
Exploratory Teaching Space (ETS): "Thermal Model House"
FAT 1 – Calculated and subject-based study of the influence of contact heat transfer in vehicle seats on thermal comfort
FAT 2 – Connection between local and overall thermal comfort: an investigation of the combination effect of seat heating and radiant heat transfer for the purpose of energy-efficient vehicle air conditioning
FAT 3 – Definition of an equivalent contact temperature to evaluate the ergonomic quality of contact-based climatization systems in vehicles
Fire protection: Simulation of Channel Deformation
GeTIS – Geothermal information system for dimensioning, modeling, evaluation, and permit approval of interconnected geothermal energy systems at the building and urban district level
IBPSA Online Seminar 01/2017
IBPSA Project 1: BIM/GIS and Modelica Framework for building and community energy system design and operation
IEA EBC Annex 60 – Computational Tools for Building and Energy Community Systems
IEA EBC Annex 66 – Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings
Interdisciplinary HumTec Seed-Fund Project "Human Performance/Productivity in Office Buildings"
KoKliFaM – Comfort-based climate control of vehicle occupants using machine-learning algorithms
ModelSIM – Development of a bi-directional interface for the model-based coupling of municipal planning, simulation and analysis processes - Subproject Interfaces for model generation and dynamic simulation simulation
Project House – “Production for the constructing of tomorrow”
RWTH Start-Up 2015 PostDoc "ARVis-CFD" – Augmented Reality visualization techniques for CFD flow profiles
SimQuality – Development of quality standards for building and quarter energy performance simulation as a planning tool
Study on the usage of renewable energies for heating and cooling in existing buildings
Study on the Use of Digital Planning Methods
Theodore von Kármán Fellowship 2016 for the Invitation of Prof. Vladimir Bazjanac (Stanford, USA)
ValMoNuI – Validation and modeling of user interactions and their algorithmic implementation in building automation