CityGML Energy Application Domain Extension (Energy ADE)

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The CityGML Energy ADE defines an extension to the OGC standard CityGML version 2.0 for semantic 3D city models. This extension offers a unique and standard-based data model to allow for both detailed single-building energy simulation (based on sophisticated models for building physics and occupants behaviour) and city-wide, bottom-up energy assessments, with particular focus on the buildings sector. Typical areas of application cover – but are not limited to – analyses at building and urban scale, such as energy demand diagnostics, solar potential study, simulation of low-carbon energy strategies, etc.

The actual version of the Energy ADE uses and extends only two modules of the CityGML base standard: the CityGML_Core module and the Building module. The data model is structured into 6 functional parts, namely, the Energy ADE Core module, Building Physics module, Occupant Behaviour module, Material and Construction module, Energy Systems module and the Supporting Classes module. The development is carried out by an international consortium of urban energy simulation developers and users, and is hosted at the RWTH Aachen University GitLab server.


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