Study on the usage of renewable energies for heating and cooling in existing buildings

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Within this study, the main market-ready technologies were compared that can contribute to a complete decarbonization of the Hessian building stock in the areas of heating and cooling using renewable energies. After presenting the current situation in Hesse (including building year of construction structure, final energy consumption in the building stock, energy producers as well as potentials of renewable energies) and the importance of energy refurbishments, the main part of the study presents different decentralized technologies for the use of renewable energies for heating and cooling in existing buildings. The technology presentations include a description of the functionality, an explanation of various technology-specific aspects and an evaluation of the respective technologies in terms of CO2 saving potential and energy costs. With the use of a technology matrix, various technologies were compared qualitatively on the basis of selected parameters. These include, for example, market maturity, base load capability, peak load coverage, and suitability for different heating supply temperatures. Based on the findings collected in the study, two organized practical workshops and the analysis of various studies, a transformation path for the building sector in Hesse was derived and presented. The path is subdivided into research and development, market, and policy.

Project term:

03.2021 – 01.2022

Project Team:

Sebastian Weck-Ponten


Elisabeth Hirt

Alexander Miehlich

Project partner:

Ernst & Young Real Estate GmbH