BIM2SIM – Development of methods for the generation of simulation models using Building Information Modeling data

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Building performance simulation (BPS) represents an efficient tool to predict energy needs from building systems to district level. Additionally, with BPS in the planning phase alternatives can be analyzed for power generation, storage, distribution, control and emission systems. As result, BPS is used to identify and quantify the optimization potential of such systems. However, there is currently a lack of automation techniques that convert digital information from a planning or as built model to a simulation model in a cost-effective manner. The intention of this project is to develop the basic methods and tools to derive directly BPS model ready for simulation, starting from a digital building information model (BIM). The resulting BPS model shall be used to improve design and to analyze optimization of building energy systems in the field. This is intended to significantly reduce the manual efforts required for modeling and to support the dissemination of various simulation applications in the building sector as well. An additional goal of this project is to link the simulation results as target data back into the model using a BIM-compliant format. Besides the energetic view, the developed methods and tools shall as well be utilized to evaluate the energy expenditure over the building life cycle and to assess the embodied energy.


Project term:

05/2018 – 05/2021


Project partners:

  • RWTH Aachen University – Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate EBC
  • RWTH Aachen University – Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building E3D
  • Rud. Otto Meyer Technik Ltd. & Co. KG (ROM)


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