GeTIS – Geothermal information system for dimensioning, modeling, evaluation, and permit approval of interconnected geothermal energy systems at the building and urban district level

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In order to meet national and European objectives concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, there Is a need for more initiatives to promote new sources of renewable energy. In the field of building conditioning, the proportion of renewable energy – such as geothermal, wind, solar, and ocean energy – is still very low in contrast to the proportion of renewable energy in the field of electricity generation. As the buildings sector exhibits a considerable final energy demand for the purpose of heating and cooling, this sector also has the largest potential for individual energy savings. Among the renewable energy sources, geothermal energy plays a special role as an energy source and in the scope of energy storage.

Due to the complexity, the planning, approval, and operation of geothermal systems goes along with considerable uncertainty. Decisions are sometimes made on the basis of the results of a single borehole – and interactions with other geothermal systems or the groundwater flow are only mapped insufficiently. There is a lack of a comprehensive system to represent all energetic interactions between urban quarters and geothermal plants.

The aim of the joint project is to develop an open web-based geothermal information system that serves as a common data basis for the design, modeling, evaluation, operational optimization as well as plausibility checks in approval processes – for planners and for the authorities alike. The geographic information system (GIS) serves as a basis to combine digital information on the level of buildings and urban quarters with current, partly dynamically-generated geotechnical and hydrogeological data concerning the subsurface. The consortium connects interested parties and experts from associations, authorities, the approval process and from model regions.


Project term:

01/2016 – 12/2019


Project partner:

  • Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building E3D, RWTH Aachen
  • Institute for Geotechnical Engineering (GIB)
  • Lehrstuhl für Bauinformatik & Geoinformationssysteme (gia)


BMWi, Förderkennzeichen 03ET1357A



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Final report:

You can find the final report for this project here.


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Sebastian Weck-Ponten

Deputy Group Leader