Project House – “Production for the constructing of tomorrow”

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The construction and operation of buildings are responsible for ca. 40% of the worldwide energy consumption and by this have a critical influence on climate protection. Further, the construction business is directly affected by the global mega trends “urbanization” and “demographic change”. With new approaches for the planning, constructing and recycling of buildings, the construction sector can contribute essentially to protecting the environment and a sustainable development. The Project House is meant to concentrate the research competences available at the RWTH in the field of sustainable and future oriented construction. In order to do this, the fields of research “Integrale Bauteile” (integral construction parts), “Building Information Modeling”, “Industrialisierte Bauproduktion” (Industrialized Constructing) and “Rezykliergerechtes Bauen“ (constructing suitable-for-recycling) have to be connected (see fig.). The aim is to further develop the existing research activities of the RWTH for the “Production for the constructing of tomorrow” towards a powerful research association. This shall be established as a Bau-Cluster (construction cluster) on the RWTH-Campus medium-term (3 years). This network shall merge the research facilities of the RWTH as well as companies and service providers of the construction sector in an integrative reference framework and by this enable a new quality of intensive local collaboration between research and companies of the extended construction industry. Within the scope of the Project House the Bau-Cluster will be initiated by the following measures:

- RWTH intern networking to develop a scientific concept for the Bau-Cluster

- Intensification of bilateral and multilateral industry projects between RWTH institutes and companies

- Installation of a consortium of companies (building materials, construction, building services, planning), which will form a Bau-Cluster located on the Campus together with RWTH institutes


Project term:

12/2018 – 11/2021


Project partner:

Following the holistic approach, the fields of research of civil engineering, architecture, joining technology, material research and production technology are connected. Potential members of the Project House are:

- Prof. Jörg Blankenbach (Lehrstuhl für Bauinformatik und Geoinformationssysteme GIA, RWTH)

- Prof. Wolfgang Brameshuber (Institut für Bauforschung IBAC, RWTH)

- Prof. Christian Brecher (Werkzeugmaschinenlabor WZL, RWTH)

- Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan (Individualisierte Bauproduktion, RWTH)

- Prof. Markus Feldmann (Institut für Stahlbau STB, RWTH)

- Prof. Josef Hegger (Institut für Massivbau IMB, RWTH) - Koordination

- Jun.-Prof. Linda Hildebrand (Rezykliergerechtes Bauen, RWTH)

- Prof. Gerhard Hirt (Institut für Bildsame Formgebung, RWTH)

- Prof. Dirk Müller (Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate EBC, EON ERC, RWTH)

- Prof. Michael Raupach (Institut für Bauforschung IBAC, RWTH)

- Prof. Uwe Reisgen (Institut für Schweißtechnik und Fügetechnik ISF, RWTH)

- Prof. Martin Trautz (Lehrstuhl für Tragkonstruktionen TRAKO, RWTH)

- Prof. Christoph van Treeck (Lehrstuhl für Energieeffizientes Bauen E3D, RWTH)

The final constellation and possible integration of further institutes will be decided in the set-up phase of the Project House.