Computational Engineering

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The group "Computational Engineering" focuses on the development of models, algorithms and software tools. In this context, key topics such as machine learning and CFD simulations are embedded. The research work here addresses numerical mathematics and computer science. As an interdisciplinary research area, solutions are also being developed for various thematic areas of application so that interfaces exist with the groups "Energy in buildings and districts", "BIM" and "Ergonomics of indoor environment". This includes the development of information systems, which comprise the coupling of databases with software tools and visualization platforms.

Selected publications of our research group:

Right on Time - Exploring Suitable Time Discretization for Occupant Behavior Co-Simulation
In: Proceedings of Building Simulation 2019, BS2019, Rome, Italy, 2019

Geographic Information System for District Level Energy Performance Simulations
In: International Conference on Digital Geography and Geographic Information Systems Berlin 2019-05-21 - 2019-05-22, 2019

Parametric Study of TEASER "Tool for Energy Analysis and Simulation for Efficient Retrofit", 1-38, 2018
In: e3D-Report

Data-driven heating and cooling load predictions for non-residential buildings based on support vector machine regression and NARX Recurrent Neural Network : A comparative study on district scale
In: Energy : The International Journal, 165,A, 134-142, 2018

Status Quo bei digitalen Werkzeugen und softwarebasierten Lösungsansätzen : Einordnung von Entwicklungen und Anwendungen der Forschungsinitiative ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN
In: Bauphysik : Wärme, Feuchte, Schall, Brand, Licht, Energie, Klima, 40 (6), 441-448, 2018



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