Building Physics

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Our research group contributes towards the overall established mission of E3D to promote energy efficiency and sustainability in the building and real estate sector. In particular, our group focuses on the modelling and simulation of building physics processes with regard to energetic and hygrothermal behaviour of building components, as well as acoustic and daylight performance in buildings. The assessment of building physic considerations is utilised for the development and evaluation of a.) workflows and methods for optimising building design, b.) innovative material-technical building systems including the integration of building services, and c.) intelligent and occupant-centric control strategies for building operation. The BP research group thus pursues the following visions:

  • To contribute towards climate protection goals by improving energy efficiency and sustainability during the design and operation phases of a building.
  • To develop effective workflows and technological solutions (building systems, software applications) that lead to increased energy efficiency, resilience, sustainability and user orientation in planning and operation
  • Ensure evidence-based and holistic decision making based on multiple criteria (e.g. energy performance, thermal comfort, resilience in regard to climate change) through a building physics perspective
  • Improve the quality of digital processes, including modeling and simulation approaches
  • Bridge the gap between innovation and end-user, theory and practical implementation, by improving the applicability of technologies developed in the BP research group.


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Clara-Larissa Lorenz

Group Leader


+49 241 80 25150