Building Information Modeling

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To achieve the stated vision of the chair of promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in the construction and real estate industry, we are focusing on the digitization of processes in the design, planning, execution, renovation, and operation of buildings and the service systems they contain. Our research area is Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digital models, which work as knowledge representations consisting of the data relevant for the project’s life cycle. Within the scope of our research, we focus on individual aspects of BIM.

One core aspect is the data integration in the digital twin and the underlying semantic information models. To be able to use the digital models across lifecycle phases, the underlying structures must fulfill the requirements and information needs of the various actors. To this end, we are exploring knowledge representation approaches such as Linked Data. The second core aspect is the integration of data from reality into digital models in the area of Field2BIM. Here, we are primarily concerned with computer vision methods to convert laser scans into BIM models. Third, we explore the integration of BIM into digital demand planning with a machine-readable documentation of the results in digital room books. This forms the basis for the integral planning process and formalizes the client's requirements for the project.


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Nicolas Pauen

Group Leader


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