Friedrich-Wilhelm-Prize 2019

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Preis Copyright: © Schmitter

For his work "Contribution to the development of a web tool for probabilistic life cycle cost analysis: IFC-based quantity takeoff and algorithmic determination of input parameters for the Monte Carlo simulation", Mr. Nicolas Pauen was awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Prize of the Friedrich Wilhelm foundation on November 29, 2019. During a ceremony in the main building of RWTH Aachen University, the rector Professor Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h. c. mult. Ulrich Rüdiger presented this year's winners with their awards. The Aachen-based foundation awards the prize annually to students and young scientists at RWTH Aachen University who have been selected on the basis of their outstanding achievements.Mr. Pauen's master's thesis dealt with the economic analysis of buildings over their entire life cycle. Using the methodology of Monte Carlo simulation, he was able to perform these calculations with varying input parameters in order to obtain a probability distribution of the total costs as a result. As input parameters, Mr. Pauen used cost parameters from the literature, as well as DIN 276 compliant quantities, which could be imported based on digital building models in Industry Foundation Classes format via an open python framework. The results show that this methodology is well suited to establish a continuous cost consideration in the planning process and to significantly reduce the effort of the calculations.