Project funding received from the RWTH sustainability fund

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On 23 November 2023, the sustainability project " Ressourcen-Wächter Technische Hochschule" submitted by Qirui Huang and Marc Syndicus was funded as one of seven projects and awarded a certificate in the RWTH Skylounge.
The aim of the project is to change consumer habits by using compact sensor technology to record the indoor climate and consumption data, which is fed back to people via an informative graphical user interface with suggestions for improvement.  
The use of a self-developed measuring box offers the opportunity to take better account of building, person and activity characteristics and to customise data collection and the design of feedback and savings tips. Part of the project is the further development of the measurement and feedback system developed by Qirui Huang, as well as subsequent field testing in an RWTH building.
During the field test, the testers are to assess the feedback and tips for saving energy provided by the system (ventilation behaviour, setpoint room temperature, switching off electrical appliances, etc.). To validate these subjective assessments, consumption data from the relevant building (part of the building) is used for evaluation, if available.


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