Visit Theodore-von-Kármán Fellow Ongun Berk Kazanci

Dr. Kazanci (right) receiving the Kármán Fellow certificate. Copyright: © E3D



Marc Syndicus

Group Leader


+49 241 80 25033



Dr. Kazanci is an Associate Professor of Indoor Environmental Quality and HVAC Systems at the Technical University of Denmark, and now also a Kármán Fellow at RWTH Aachen University since his stay in June 2023. His research interests include indoor environmental quality, thermal comfort, water-based radiant heating and cooling systems, and building energy simulation.During his visit at the invitation of Professors Müller (EBC), Schweiker (HLS) and van Treeck (E3D), in addition to tours of the E3D Institute's research infrastructure and preparations for collaborative projects in the areas of local comfort and resilience of buildings, the Hambach open pit mine was visited to illustrate the challenges of the energy transition using the example of the lignite mining area. We would like to thank the Exploratory Research Space of RWTH Aachen University for making Dr. Kazanci's visit possible.