Expert Panel on the Research Project Energie.Digital


Expert Panel on the Research Project Energie.Digital

Expert Panel on the Research Project Energie.Digital Copyright: © Viega

The digitalization in the construction and building services industry is an important part to achieve the goals of the energy transition. As part of the research project Energie.Digital, a comprehensive method for integrating technical building services and building operation has been developed by the partners Fraunhofer ISE, RWTH Aachen, and Viega. An overview of the preliminary results was presented to interested professional planners during an expert panel held at Viega World. This seminar building serves as a flagship project for implementing tools and methods of our research project.

E3D - Institute of Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Building also emphasized the importance of requirements planning as a "Planning Phase 0". The resulting detailed planning in BIM can then be used for further applications to achieve a consistent representation of the technical building services systems. By conducting a more in-depth analysis and applying Linked Data methods, the complexity can be reduced to a manageable level for professional planners in their trade interactions.

In addition to expert presentations, participants had the opportunity to experience the integration of project results into building operation through an on-site tour of the building. A concluding panel discussion then provided an opportunity for specific inquiries regarding the project.

More information can be found at out project partner Viega.


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